Ramblings on the Way to Wilmington, N.C.

Catchy title, eh? My next journey is to Wilmington, North Carolina, and am driving on I 40 which reminds me of Upstate New York with the beautiful green trees. As I drive I could not help but take note of the many decorative, standardized winery signs. There are 200 wineries in North Carolina according to Auntie Google. Signs for one boasted being a center for weddings. I must tell my daughter and check out the place.

Better yet I will drop an email to Andrew Cuomo’s site so he can do these pretty signs on New York State highways. Perhaps he has already done this as he is such a forward thinker. New York State wines are sublime especially those from grapes on Long Island where the breezes of the bay and the ocean affect the grape flavor.

I digress.. Having already tried a North Carolina red I have found them to be of good quality. Think I need to visit several and do a blog. For another time as…

Wilmington here I come!

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