What is Airplane Mode?

Often I ask those sitting next to me on the plane, “What is Airplane Mode?” Then, since they never know, I follow up with, “Why do you think we have to do this on the plane?” Besides being an icebreaker this always get a laugh. And why? Because NO ONE KNOWS WHY WE DO AIRPLANE MODE.

For years I have pondered this, and been remiss in not checking further. It somehow escapes my To Do List, however, today is the day. So where does one go for information such as this?

Of course, the ultimate guru, Auntie Google, and here’s what she says.

What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode turns off cellular devices, (those being cell phones and personal computers), disabling all data connection on your device. This means you can do just about nothing on the phone or computer but look at pictures as it cuts off access to the outside world.

To access Airplane Mode on the cellular phone select the settings button, (which on my phone is the gray flower shaped icon for females, or the cog wheel shaped icon for men). In my u- tube review it was stated that some phones have this on a screen you pull down when pressing the top middle part of the screen. Oh, look, I do too! It was simply further down the screen.

Airplane mode has several different names:

  • Aeroplane Mode
  • Flight Mode
  • Off line Mode
  • Stand Alone Mode

Next Question: Why do we have to put our devices on Airplane Mode?

Phone noise annoys some pilots and air traffic controllers. Out of safety and respect the device should be placed on this mode.

Also, regulations in many countries prohibit the use of devices that transmit signals on commercial aircraft. Why? This type of communication could interfere with plane sensors and navigation equipment.

What happens if we don’t put our cell phones on Airplane Mode?

Here I breathed a sigh of relief as I never put my phone on Airplane Mode. Why? I never knew where to find this and since I rarely receive phone calls thought it not an issue. However, I will now be faithful as I don’t want to annoy the pilot or air traffic controllers.

But the best thing I learned in my quest is:

The plane won’t fall out of the sky if you aren’t on Airplane Mode.

Firefox Rules

For several months I have been attempting to figure out how to get the news feed off my lap top computer. After successfully removing this from my phone I knew there must be a way. Once again my belief that out of bad comes good was reinforced. 🙂

I love Yahoo! (most days)

I found Yahoo mail stuck today and after looking at Vladimir Putin for a sixth time, (not my fav dictator for what he does to his people, or the world), I became agitated. Over 2 hours later after reading volumes on how to fix this problem I came across a blogger suggesting a server switch.

After debating which server to choose I decided upon Firefox since it had a catchy name. Once I loaded her or him up I was able to write, send and file emails. I was in Email Heaven! But, out of this came the benefit of NO MORE NEWS FEEDS. While I will no longer be up to date on Meghan Markle’s latest dress purchase, I am rid of that dictator’s face.

Today as I turned on the internet I came across a delightful 2 minute video with Melinda Gates discussing her favorite book, and how she and Bill don’t use plastic straws. Now, this was something I relish, and have already bought the book. Thank you, Firefox. What a good choice I made.

It’s Kathleen..

It’s Kathleen, and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

Ever wonder what that’s about, and why I write it on my blogs? Well, I am going to tell you. Tour guides yearn for great reviews on their company website, and while most are deserving, a minority are not. Therefore, the phrase or something similar to this is stated as the tour ends,

“Remember I’m Hugo, and if you liked the tour my name is Hugo, but, if you didn’t like the tour my name is Irwin.”

I have always been a stand up person and if I don’t like something I speak up. The years have mellowed me, and while not perfect, I have found the ways to say the truth in a softer, kinder way on most days. I’m sure many who read these words are shaking their head, and thinking the same thing as me right now,

If only I could have learned this years ago.

However, it’s Kathleen, and, if you don’t like what I say I’ve still said it!

Texas Tag Update..

Today I called about paying my Texas road toll. While on a 7 lane road in Katy, Texas, there were several signs requesting I pay a toll, but, no booths. Fortunate to see a sign with web site information I put it to memory and continued my drive.

Once I told my daughter about this she said you better contact them asap as she had never gotten the bill and once it arrived the $3 fee was well into the double digits. I called as soon as I got back to Florida, was told to wait three weeks, and call again. I did this today.

I guess my eyes were playing tricks on me as now I am being told there was no toll in that area. A delightful young female referred me to EZ Pass with another phone number. EZ Pass had no information on me but told me to call again in a few weeks.

I think I’m going to develop a personal relationship with these folks. By the end of these calls every few weeks I’ll probably get invited to their wedding or baby shower. Maybe when I get the double digit bill they’ll forgive the fee since we are friends?

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

Playtime Over.. For awhile?…

I am thinking about my next move as I leave Daytona Beach Airport, pick up my car, and journey north. For the last six months I have been traveling the world, but now have taken a 13 week gig in the North Carolina mountains to escape the Florida hurricane season.

Once settled I will be exploring another part of our beautiful country on my time off. I’m looking forward to this, and know there will be many chuckles along the way.

In the meantime,” to quote my hero, Stephen Colbert, stay tuned as I begin the exploration of the First in Freedom State.


VP Selena

Recently, Stephen Colbert had the cast of Veep on his show. I had heard of this series but never viewed it. Always a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, even though I hated the ending of Seinfeld..but she had no part in that. Why couldn’t Elaine and Jerry get together? Guess happy endings aren’t everyone’s style? Back to the subject at hand, I digress..

Ordering 5 of the 7 seasons from the library I was glued to this hilarious, insulting, and potty mouth show. Working in New York State government bureaucracy I knew the playbook. Enthralled in the antics of each segment, the folly was not far from truth.

Watching Season 5 was particularly painful as I watched the Vice President now President Selena fall. Even though she was a nasty b–ch I wanted her to succeed. In the last episode I prayed for a change of events with the new female Hispanic president not naturalized, therefore, disqualified from the presidency. It didn’t occur, I was depressed.

I have lost interest as I scanned the Season 6 and 7 segments. Perhaps I will look at the final episode in future years to lay this to rest, however, I doubt it.

There are 20 plus democratic candidates running for the ultimate reward, leader of the free world. I honor their courage, but question their sanity, and hope they have loved ones with open arms to comfort them as they pursue their dream.

Here they are..

LaGuardia Airport Rebuild

Built in 1939, La Guardia Airport is the 21st busiest airport in the country, and while once a showplace, she needed a face lift.

A Happy Moment

This face lift boost came in a speech by then Vice President Joe Biden. In his speech on America’s crumbling infrastructure he stated, “I must be in some third world country,” referring to LaGuardia Airport. This put New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo in overdrive and by 2016, plans for the largest combined private and public venture ever were unveiled and began.

Cost: $8 billion with the private sector picking up 75% of the tab. Quite a feat, hats off to Andrew!

Much has been accomplished since this unveil, and now in the final 2 years things are becoming more challenging. This was one of those days. As I sadly left the City with 3 hours till takeoff I found myself taking a different bus number and a new route. While I enjoyed the scenery I was unsure I was on course, but, as the bus turned the directions proved correct.


With the new garages and most concourses completed major terminal construction is underway. Traffic is challenging as how do you reconstruct an operation that still continues to operate? It’s tricky to say the least.

Not Purple

As I departed my NYC bus I was unfamiliar with the new arrangements. Seeing a uniformed Delta employee I asked for assistance. She said stay with me and that I did as we mounted the Purple Bus, (which was not purple), and made our way to the terminal. Doing all these new maneuvers was time consuming, however, I arrived at my gate with 30 minutes to spare.

Suggestion: Add an extra hour if you are using LaGuardia Airport and once she’s back in her glory send the Governor an email of thanks..


One of the new terminals

Fun Facts For the Fourth

Isn’t our Flag beautiful?

Happy 243rd birthday, America! Isn’t it wonderful to live in the greatest country in the world. We are blest. So, raise a glass, light a firecracker, start a barbeque and get this day underway. Enjoy. And here are a few tidbits to consider as you raise that glass…

  • Americans will consume 150 million hotdogs on July 4th.
  • The favorite sides for this day are potato salad and potato chips.
  • American’s will spend $1.6 billion on beer for the day.
  • Families will spend $100 on this holiday.
  • 14,000 sites nationwide will send off fireworks.
  • Macy’s fireworks cost $6 million with $1 billion spent nationally.
  • Congress allowed fireworks as of July 4, 1777.
  • There is no evidence to prove Betsy Ross designed the flag.
  • The American flag on the moon is bleach white. After 40 years in that atmosphere who wouldn’t be?
  • Flags on military uniforms glow in the dark.
  • In 1958, Robert Heft from Ohio, designed a flag to include Alaska and Hawaii. He got a B-, later President Eisenhower converted it to an A.
  • The final text of the Declaration was July 4th which is why we celebrate today, however, it wasn’t signed till August 2, 1776.
  • Famous July 4th birthdays: Malia Obama, Ann Landers, (columnist), Neil Simon, (playwright), and President Calvin Coolidge.

So, stop reading, get out there, and enjoy the day. Happy 4th of July.

NYC Summer 2019: The Cooper Hewitt Museum

On the east side of Manhattan on 2 East 91st Street, is a museum jewel, The Cooper Hewitt Museum. This museum is the Smithsonian Design Museum and housed in the family’s former mansion. It is home to the Target Design Center.

Peter Cooper, (1791-1883), patriarch of the Cooper-Hewitt family, was an inventor, manufacturer, and philanthropist. He is probably best known for “Tom Thumb,” the first steam locomotive. He wished to benefit society by helping his fellow man, and was much loved. The first free institution of higher education for young men and women in the nation, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, was created by Cooper, and he ran as a 1876 presidential candidate in the Greenback Party. Did I also mention he created jello? Well, he did.

Cooper and his wife, Sarah, had one daughter, Sarah Amelia, (known as Amelia), and in 1855 she married Abram Steven Hewitt. Hewitt, son of a fine cabinet maker, later became a businessman, and mayor of New York City in 1887. There were 6 children from this union.

It was a busy social life for the Hewitt children as successful and prominent people of the era were often at their homes in New York City, and Ringwood, New Jersey. All were immersed in the arts and education.

Hewitt’s daughters, Sarah and Eleanor, wanted to fulfill their grandfather’s long dream of a museum and began to purchase items on trips abroad for later inclusion in the museum. The decorative art items purchased were books, drawings and textiles. By 1897, the dream was achieved and the museum began.

Sarah and Eleanor never married but had fulfilling lives in their work and travels. Besides the museum home there is a fascinating Cooper-Hewitt summer home in Ringwood, New Jersey, which can be toured.

I began the tour with the video on the home in its prime which was hidden on the second floor to the left of the staircase. It is a must see.

Much of the mansion furnishings are in storage, however, pieces are brought out for display on occasion. The Cooper Hewitt collection has more than 210,000 objects and are digitalized. For questions as you tour feel free to ask security staff as they are knowledgeable and accessible.

On the museum ground floor items are displayed from the winners of the National High School Design Competition. Here’s a design winner which is now located in the museum gardens. Surprisingly, the chair was a comfortable and fun seating. Love the color..

Cooper wanted the theme of his museum to be for the advancement of science, and in this first floor wing it certainly is. Multi-colored DNA pictures are posted along with video explanations. I was unaware of the beautiful colors of DNA. There was also an orthotic electrical hand on display. But, perhaps my favorite was the hydroponic growing system seen behind this glass enclosure.

On the second floor patrons are allowed to develop their own designs via computer. These designs are then broadcast on the walls of the room. Works can be reclaimed or forwarded to home ports.

Textiles and the history of the paisley print was also displayed on this floor. The Hewitt sisters, Sarah and Eleanor, were known for their eccentric qualities. Perhaps this is best seen in the 1865 Steerhorn Chair from San Antonio.

And as you depart take time to stop by the gardens. Science and nature are here at its best.

NYC 2019: Puffs and Harlem Jazz

Great show for Harry Potter enthusiasts

On Sunday I started with the world of Harry Potter in a spin off play known as Puffs. While I am not well versed in Hogwart, the audience enthusiasm was penetrating. Some even attended in robes. Bewitching.

Since Sunday night is Broadway black out night I searched for something to do. As usual Expedia found an activity, The Harlem Jazz Tour. Taking a cab north I met the guide and 2 other tourists visiting from China at a Harlem brownstone.

After a short tour of the neighborhood our first stop was the Paris Blues Jazz Club, 2021 7th Avenue. Here we listened to a jazz trio with velvet voices who serenaded us with jazz classics. This club is celebrating its golden anniversary and I can see why. Remember to bring cash for tips as I was ill prepared for this.

Onward to our second club which was particularly interesting as it was housed in the basement of an American Legion Hall. Adult beverages and soul food were served. This basement was standing room only and had a neighborhood vibe, however, folks from all areas of the City were in attendance and taking the mike.

Music was sublime, patrons friendly and the food tasty. You never knew who was stepping out from the audience to display their musical talents and talented they certainly were.

Since we spent most of our time at the second venue we never made it to the third jazz club, however, we passed by, and I have included a picture. This venue had musicians which changed hourly. Another interesting spot and worth the visit to check it out.

With the nights weather at perfection I felt inspired to do one of my favorite New York City tourist attractions, the Statute of Liberty. The subway transfer was easy and quickly I was at the terminal. As the ferry backed out I caught a shot of the lights of Manhattan.

And here she is in all her glory. What an amazing gift from our French friends.