Wilmington, North Carolina: Day 2

Today my journey started by going off script. On my way to The Basilica of St. Mary there was a cemetery with an open gate. Since it was 7:15 a.m. I had 45 minutes before mass. Here I found The Wilmington National Cemetery. Civil War soldiers are buried at this site with over 500 “colored soldiers” interred.

Fact: 2% of the United States population died in the Civil War.

After mass the Greenfield Park sign called to me. Since it was only 1.2 miles I took a gander. Traveling through the streets of Wilmington is a delight with its appealing homes and bewitching, graceful porches. The 1.2 miles went quickly as I enjoyed the scenery. What a beautiful City.

Greenfield Park was equally as lovely with walking trails and bridges over a lake. People were walking dogs, and relaxing on this lazy Sunday morning. While I missed flowers it dawned on me, “Green”field Park. However, maybe by my next visit they’ll spice it up with a flowering bush or tree? They could dedicate it to me. I’d even pay for the plaque..

From here I passed an enormous, new Dollar Tree. I held myself back and jotted down the coordinates for return. Need to keep on track.

The Arboretum was my next stop. This state sponsored garden held a variety of specialty gardens. There was a herb, butterfly, children’s garden with a dollhouse, and a moving garden tribute to the military.

Military Tribute

But perhaps my favorite garden was the Japanese. In this garden I even took a moment to sit a spell. In the adjacent koi pond there were large 18 inch koi of all colors and even speckled ones.

In the vegetable garden area there were many different varieties grown with all donated to local organizations of need. Classes are conducted and a gift shop, (closed as it was Sunday), is on the premises. There were many spots with benches placed under shady trees. In leaving I noted a large blackboard with chalk near the exit, another item to amuse children, besides the doll house and children’s garden. This garden has early hours and is open on Sunday. A must see on your visit.

Stone at the foot of the bridge over the koi pond.
Someone is a romantic.

Picked up my coordinates and made my way back to Dollar Tree… While the store was younger and larger similar contents remain, however, I am never disappointed. Scouring the aisles I obtained my needs for the week and was quickly on my way.

Again, the script failed as the road called to me with the Starway Flea Market. This dilapidated, former drive in answered the remainder of my needs for the following week. They had fruits and wooden racks for kitchen storage. Quite a jewel of a find with many bargains and much fun as I checked out their wares.

Back to Downtown… and the Railroad Museum. Much fun for children and their parents with the many displays of train towns as well as the memorabilia from trains of the past.

Upon leaving found another great spot and they also sell fish!

Hey, Wilmington – Thanks for the fun time and great trip.

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