My Present to Me

Happy 63rd

After trying to read a rather intense email I was distracted. This has happened on several occasions but today it irked me. The ads on the side of the email blinked and the models moved in every contortion imaginable. Then to make matters worse near naked men flexed their abs, followed by telling me how I need to meet a man, and the worst was the latest bikini ad, at my age I surely am interested in that. But, what gets me the most are the health ads citing a need to check for potential Alzheimer symptoms or lung cancer. While yelling at the computer, “ENOUGH!,” I hit the button that said Ad Choices. From here I was connected to a site explaining how to block these aggravations.

As I read further it stated for $3.49 a month, less than the price of a cup of coffee, peace of mind could be achieved. No more flashing ads or distractions as emails are read. Whipping out my credit card the numbers were eagerly handed over and today as I read my emails the distractions are gone.

This could possibly be one of the best birthday presents ever.

Sorry, I didn’t know this flashed when I downloaded it, but for $3.49 a month…

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