Southern Perceptions: Living in North Carolina, Nothing Could Be Finer…

Living in North Carolina has been a pleasant adjustment. It is different in this part of the South. I am residing in Joel Osteen country with many Bible belt churches. Here folks have license plates giving scripture verse citations on them.

The dialect is a struggle for this Northerner. And they say New Yorker’s talk fast! Several times a day I ask for a repeat on what was said. Usually the response to these requests is a long, low laugh, or giggle, so I’m happy to amuse.

Speaking of humor, it abounds in the South and is a breath of fresh air. Even with the oppressive heat folks seem to find a joke in it. Either they say they’ve gotten the sauna they always wanted or are glad to finally melt off those last few pounds.

Recently, I hit the tree stump that marks my boarding house parking spot. I had forgotten to go in reverse. Thinking nothing was wrong I trekked to Walmart’s as loud noise started then became horrific as I drove. Once in the Walmart parking lot I checked out the damage.

As I laid under the car I heard a hello. Looking up from under the vehicle a hand was offered and I was raised from the pavement. Next this man got down on all fours, checked under the car telling me nothing was wrong, and snapped the bumper into place. He offered Gorilla glue to better adhere the bumper and gave me the name of a reputable auto body shop in town. The exchange went quickly and he was thanked profusely.

When I later relayed this event to a native I was told, “Oh, sugar, that’s just the Southern way.”

Think we all need more of that Southern way.

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