Why do cops shave their heads?

Where do you go to get an answer for a question such as this? Ask no further……………Auntie Google

Well, according to our trusted source cops shave their heads because short hair is easier to control, especially under those awful hats. Also, hair seems to get in the way and can be pulled. If you’ve ever had your hair pulled it is no fun and damage can occur from this.

In some of Auntie’s info she mentions the threatening look a bald head has. In the case of my baby faced Savannah police officer the bald head did give him a bit of a threatening look, however, his youthfulness was hard to hide.

Overall, it seems that appearance plays a big part in this decision. Cops simply want to look neater. Let’s face it, have you ever seen a dull or dirty bald head? For some reason bald heads are shiny. Why I don’t know but further investigation on this I defer to one of my readers. Let me know.

As promised I looked into this. We’ve laid to rest. Aren’t you glad? I sure am.

One good looking bald head.

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