Pickles and Play

Interesting combination don’t you think?

Corner of Cucumber and Vine

If you’ve read my former blogs you know I’m a fan of pickles, particularly mustard pickles. To my delight I discovered Mt. Olive Pickles was in close proximity. In visiting 1 Cucumber Lane I was even more pleased to find what a well run company they are. In their Public Relations Manager position they even have a woman. Yes!

Begun in 1926, Mt. Olive has become the most best selling pickle in the country. They acquire cucumbers from 10 states, (1/3rd from North Carolina), and foreign countries. Once the cukes arrive by truck they are processed and fresh packed. Those that are processed are placed in one of 1,100 tanks for fermenting. Total # of cukes in these tanks – 40 million.

While tours aren’t available, which is the case for most plants due to insurance regulations, their movie was quite informative. And the best part, I even got a free jar of pickles.

Next on the agenda was community theater taking place at the Wayne County Museum. Friendly staff allowed me to tour the museum prior to the play.

The small museum has interesting exhibits portraying the area. The current special exhibit honored fireman in the area and their garb through the years.

In the museum medical area, Mary Elizabeth Mahoney, the first black woman who graduated as a nurse in 1879, is honored with her photo and cape. Nice touch. Also honored were two physicians who each gave 50 years plus of service to the community.

Since Goldsboro has a local Air Force Base there was a military display with a focus on females in the service. Their uniforms were on display and my those gals had small waists.

Now, onto the show…

The Odd Couple was the play this evening. A favorite of mine, as is any Neil Simon play, the actors performances were sublime with punch lines on cue and executed with ease. The dinner scene with the English gals was a hoot especially with the giggling. How funny.

The stage is perfect for this type of theater with adequate lighting and space. I look forward to their next performance. Keep up the good work. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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