I’m Scr..ed!

My daughter says hello

Last night one of those rare events occurred. I received a phone call from my daughter and it was a rather long one with many updates. Think she felt guilty as during my visit to The Secret Garden Winery, (tomorrow’s blog), she called and I said to Linda, the vineyard owner, “Gosh, she never calls.” Because I was on tour I told her I’d call her back. Immediately, a text came stating, “I heard that.”

During our recent rare event my daughter stated she is reading my blog. She also responded to my blog, however, I have no idea how to find that email or information as I only know how to add pictures, and write text. If you’re a follower you are aware of my computer inadequacies.

She also mentioned, “I’m on the web now,” which got me to thinking. You see I never thought anyone would read my nonsense, and only started this as a psychic acquaintance told me to. She said it would become, “Big, Big,” however, I’ve been going to psychics for over 40 years now and their accuracy is questionable. I’m still waiting for the perfect man and he’s probably dead by now.

Recently I figured out how many followers I have. There are 34, with one in Romania, and one in Croatia. I loved my visit to Croatia and, “Welcome to my world.” Am looking forward to a Russian visitor, as I would want to see that country become democratic. The more they read the more they’d realize what they are missing. No wonder Putin interferes with us. He needs to worry.

Well, in closing.. Thank you my lovely daughter for reading the blog and whether I have 34 readers or 34 million I promise to be more private in my blog entries regarding the two of us. Of course, this will be exclusive of the wedding photos. 🙂

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

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