Travel Nurse History

Travel nursing developed due to a shortage of nurses in different parts of the country and world. Typically the nurse seeks out employment through the internet finding an agency to accommodate their needs relating to pay, job location, and potential benefits. Some agencies provide health care, retirement accounts, and other benefits. The agency then has the nurse complete a physical exam, drug screen, testing to ensure competence, and reference checks. Many states now have compact licenses for nurses which means states recognize licenses from other states.

Once the hoops are jumped through the agency finds a placement for the nurse. Upon agreement with the hospital, nursing home, or home health agency, the nurse signs an official contract with the agency. The time span for these agreements can range from 8 to 13 weeks, and at end of contract sometimes renewal is possible. Salaries vary with some parts of the country more lucrative than others. If one has a permanent home and meets other IRS criteria travel nurses can receive housing and lodging monies along with salary.

The next obstacle is finding a short term living arrangement. Many locales charge exorbitant fees for short term renters, however, the agent may have housing availability. If not, there is word of mouth, Craig’s List, bulletin boards, and a myriad of other avenues to pursue.

After this there is packing, leaving home, mail concerns, new places, fascinating, and not so fascinating people to meet, setting up a new home, and WiFi to connect. Finding the local Chinese restaurant is perhaps the easiest of all on the list. 🙂

Once your new, temporary home is established then comes facility orientation. This can range from 5 days to 3 weeks, however, it usually weighs on the lighter side. Once orientation is completed the nurse is on their way.

We are ready.

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