The Secret Garden Winery

Visiting the Secret Garden Winery is like having an outing with an old friend. Linda, the winery owner developed the winery after she retired from the family business. Her wine is based on recipes from her mother with the entire process being organic.


Our tour began after ringing Linda’s door bell and being greeted by Lady, her friendly 10 year old beagle. We mounted a golf cart and rode through the vineyard as she explained the organic process. No pesticides or preservatives are used in her wine .

During the vineyard tour we past a lovely Japanese maple which was Linda and her husband’s 50th anniversary gift to each other. Near the maple was a grouping of Purple Martin birdhouses. These birds eat insects and are the vineyards only pesticide.

Beyond this was Linda’s truly secret garden with shady trees, and a bridge over a koi pond.

Next stop was the fermenting and bottling operation site located in a garage on the property. Linda individually bottles, corks and shrink wraps the bottles.

And, finally the tasting room where Lady joined us.

These wines are different than what I have ever tasted. Due to the fermenting process which lacks the addition of sulfites the wines have a higher alcohol content. This creates a sweeter taste and if not refrigerated these sweet wines can become bubbly. The dry wines as they age become more mellow, and don’t we all. Her Golden Harvest won a medal at the State Fair.

Linda doesn’t like her picture taken, however, an image of sorts appears on the bottle along with this lovely poem she wrote.

The Secret Garden

If there were a ‘secret garden’, what would it comprise? Fragrant flowers, a bubbling brook, butterflies? Dragonflies, birds and bees, there would be all of these.

But most of all, within ‘that place’, tranquil peace and serenity await; ever there for me and you to relax and renew. So every morning, before you start, visit the ‘secret garden’ of your heart. Linda Wall Hall

Thanks, Linda for the beautiful visit.

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