Old Waynesborough Historical Village: History and Exercise

This free, self-guided museum and historical village was a real surprise. Beginning the visit at the museum, reproductions of Confederate and Union uniforms were seen. It certainly must have been hot fighting in wool uniforms.

The first picture is the uniform of a Confederate Lieutenant, the second a Confederate private, and the final a Union officer.

In the gun room there were many, as well as sabers. For those interested in this type of memorabilia the collection is a must see. Items from several eras were located in this room. However, my interest was the organ from the 1900’s in the next room.

Leaving the museum I began to visit the many historical buildings on the property. First was a Grange Hall with many pictures of former area Granger members along with the actual furnishings of the Hall.

Next door to the Grange Hall was an interesting home of the late 1800’s. Well restored and furnished to the time period.

And what is a village without a Doctor’s Office? Here is Dr. Kennedy’s office. Built in 1905, it housed a waiting room, examination room, and in the final room a bed which may have doubled for a hospital or perhaps a place for the doc to take a quick nap?.

Then we have to keep the village informed with the local newspaper. The 1920 Print Shop.

And did someone say they needed a lawyer? This is a typical 19th century law office. A clerk would stand at an elevated desk to conduct business to give himself some exercise. Another fun fact, in 1827 the French invented and patented the fountain pen, so no qwills here. Want one more? Thomas Jefferson was known to carry one of these “copiers” as seen in the fourth picture. He copied his writings while traveling. Sure must have been a heavy load carrying this copier. It is cast iron.

And then it is off to school for the children.

On Sunday a visit to the Quaker House of Prayer.

Did someone need to make a visit somewhere else during service?

One final stop after services..

Now on to the exercise portion of our visit…

The grounds have extensive walking trails. On these trails were many singing birds. Several folks with binoculars were eyeing these beauties. There was also a historic cemetery along the path.

Besides the birds, butterflies, and beautiful swamp area, an enormous white tailed deer graced my stroll. She flew by not 4 feet from me. As I looked closer a baby fawn was hidden among the leaves of the tree.

This is a spectacular place to bring children. Get them off those cell phones and have them start enjoying nature. And the exercise will help as well.

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