Back Pain

Don’t you just hate back pain?

I’ve been trying to figure out why this is occurring every morning as I get out of bed. There are many possibilities the blow up bed, driving too much, sneakers with not enough arch support, the hospital chairs and cement floors, but quite frankly I am dumb founded.

There have been several remedies I’ve applied to alleviate this evil. I purchased a foam topper for the blow up bed, applied my special blend of pain relief oils more frequently, slept with a pillow under my knees, even got new inserts for the sneakers, but it still plagues me.

At least I have relief once I do my daily 20 minute workout with Miranda Esmonde White. It’s just getting out of bed to do it, however, I push myself as I know the reward. I can walk the remainder of the day, and am pain free. YIPEE!

Bottom line: I need to loose those last 20 pounds as the belly fat is pulling on the back. Anyone out there want to join in?

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