Country Docs, Selma, Wine, Whirligigs, and Roses

Decided to visit The Country Doctor Museum in Bailey, North Carolina, after a late start to the day, and was glad I did. According to the tour guide there are only two country doctor museums in the country and this was a cutie.

Dr. Newell

Started in 1967 by Dr. Josephine Newell who practiced in the 1950’s, it is a tribute to a bygone era. The old apothecary shelving, display of nurses caps, items from the Civil War, and even live leeches are on display here. Fun Fact: Leeches have anticoagulant properties, and when applied to the body they aren’t felt. Well, maybe this isn’t a “fun fact,” but interesting.

Here’s a few pics from the place. Docs made house calls in these Model T’s. And take a guess at what was used to hang plants in the herb garden? You got it – an antique IV pole..

Next stop, a quick visit to Selma.

Here I found a train station with a small museum. Selma is where Vick’s Vapor Rub was invented.

Couldn’t resist adding this gas station picture. Does anyone remember these?

Then.. Hinnant Family Vineyards

The tours at this winery occur Thursday through Sunday, but, tastings are daily and for a $10 fee much is offered. Sweet wines are this vineyard’s specialty and their most popular selling brands. While that is not my palate I did find a peppery red wine which I enjoyed and purchased, Norton. I’m told it is good with steaks, so when someone invites me over for a cookout I have a bottle to bring.

The friendly server at the winery clued me in to my next stop and who would think??


This park is the largest collection in the world of Vollis Simpson’s work. Vollis constructed, welded, and painted the whirligigs. They appear everywhere from LA to Russia, and have been featured in many publications including the New York Times. Here’s a few more and my favorite.

On to the Wilson Rose Garden..

Here are a few pictures of the roses and sculptures in this lovely garden. It also has a whirligig and can be rented for events. What a beautiful scent walking through these roses. Fantastic job ladies of Wilson, North Carolina.

What a great way to end the day.

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