I Bought a Dog..

While it’s not a real dog I had to have her. I couldn’t stop laughing as this creature sashayed and barked across the Walmart counter. Those energized with 2 AA batteries are much easier to care for than the Purina type. This little girl won’t lament when I bring out the suitcases, and sulk up to the day of departure. For $4.97 she is an answer to a prayer. What a deal.

Here she is with her friends..

Leaving the store she was placed on the car’s dash. This is where she will reside along with the other novelties which make me smile. After placing her there I patted her back side at every stop light and watched her bark and parade along the dash. I looked forward to each red light. What a hoot.

Walking and barking across the dash.

Thinking back I recall the many quarters my daughter was given 30 plus years ago when she wanted curios from the bubble gum machines. While I thought twice, as being a single parent quarters add up, I usually acquiesced. And quite frankly, those 25 cents delights often saved me from costly aggravations. They were worth every penny.

With inflation the price is now $4.97, but, what fun. She needs a name. Any ideas?

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