Every other Thursday night..

..in July and August downtown Goldsboro, North Carolina, comes alive with a concert series sponsored by a local merchant, Bicycle World. This was a perfect evening of sun, light breeze, and music accompanying a lazy night.

Food, beer, and other fare were consumed by many.

And while a police presence was evident, they tended to stay obscure.

The band played originals as well as Motown, rock and roll, and even some Bob Dylan. Their song Sweet Carolina Girls, “they’re the best in the world,” resonated with the crowd.

As folks milled around I assessed the crowd of 300 enjoying the night and music as they socializing with neighbors.

Girls of all ages were dancing.

And a two men dancers piqued my interest with their acrobatic moves. What energy.

It was good to see Americans coming together, venturing out on a night like this, taking a deep breath, and spreading community.

We are so blessed to live in America.

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