Kinston, North Carolina

Kinston is an interesting town which is in the midst of rebuilding its downtown area. The CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretive Center is part of that renovation with its new exhibits. This ship was the one of three ironclad ships of the Confederate navy and tells the story of the crew living on this vessel. Take the guided tour to learn more.

Down the street from the CSS Neuse is a brew house which has tours, tasty beer, and a gift shop. The Mother Earth Brewing Company was an interesting find. Stop by.

Also on the night of my visit was National Night Out Against Crime. This is where law enforcement and the community get together for a meet and greet.

But perhaps the jewel in Kinston’s crown is The Chef and Farmer Restaurant owned and operated by PBS television celebrity, Vivian Howard of A Chef’s Life.

Ms. Howard is a long way from New York City where she and her husband chilled soup in their small Harlem apartment bathtub. She now resides on a farm close to where she grew up, and manages a restaurant of over 30 employees. Her parents lured her back to the area in 2005, with the rest history.

Now on to the food..

Since this was my post birthday celebration the sky was the limit. I started with the RBG cocktail which was refreshing and tasty.

Next was the Flash Fried Collards. A must have. They were crispy and tasty. Large portion for a $6 price.

For a small plate I tried the NC Tuna Crudo. This had peach gazpacho, compressed watermelon, and radish. Wish there was less sauce and more watermelon as the watermelon really gave the tuna pizzazz…

North Carolina Tile Fish was the large plate and done to perfection with the creamed corn, okra, green tomato chow-chow… YUM…

Dessert was the Baked Carolina. It came frozen so I should have went with the server’s suggestion. Oh well..

Sitting at the counter was a fun experience. Grab a seat there. Watching the chefs are the main event.

There is small gift shop in the restaurant with t shirts, sauces and glassware.

Overall, another year of adventure to come. Thanks, Kinston for the wonderful visit.

Great Bathroom Sculpture

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