Train Show at the YWCA

Have you ever been to a train show? Well, next time you hear of one, go, and if you have kids or grand kids, take them along. I even think your adult son or daughter would get a kick out of it, too, or shall I say toot, toot?

Here at the Y the members of the Sipping and Switching Society of North Carolina pulled into the gym for a weekend of stops with their HO gauge beauties.

These enthusiasts range in age from 20 to 76. Their displays included town and business scenes with box cars, tank cars, double stacked, and passenger cars.

And did I say noise? Well, while a picture captures a thousand words but unable to transmit the signal noise through this blog.

To get the full effect here’s the view from above.

And look what these enthusiasts need to carry their trains.

I’ve found a new hobby. Does Amazon sell train conductor garb for females?

They certainly do. Ha! Ha!

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