Odom Farm Party: Hens Only

Signing up for this event I had little idea what to expect only that it sounded fun, and it was difficult to get a reservation. Luckily, someone declined and I received a late minute invite. Since this spurred my curiosity even more I was on my way!

The evening began with sun and a cool breeze as I drove to this unknown location through the farmlands of North Carolina. Allowing cars to pass at record speed on this back road I pursued at the speed limit relying on Waze and my instincts to find the place.

Once seeing the sign I turned down a dirt road passing Whiskey, the farm horse as the sign said, and found a gazebo like structure with a small shed to the side and port a potties. Under the gazebo were many “hens,” (women), clucking so I surmised this must be the place.

After leaving the car I walked into the area taking a seat at the picnic table. This was no ordinary picnic table as it was adorned with fine china, cloth napkins, silverware, and gorgeous sunflowers in small milk bottles.

As the hens clucked I listened to stories of a husband’s heart attack regaling this was the second one, and with a stent placed by the female doctor he was back to work in 4 days. Apparently, the ’95 heart attack took 4 months for recuperation and wasn’t medicine amazing! Then stories of returning to school and getting their classes in order began. Apparently, this was a teacher table.

The hens to the right of me discussed places they wished to visit. Since I had been to all of them I was able to add to the conversation. The group leader then announced prayer and we were off to the buffet table.

A small repast of pulled pork sandwiches, tomatoes, chips, and of course, Mt. Olive pickles, was served. Dessert was a selection from blueberry or chocolate chip cheese cake which had a graham cracker crust, and whip cream topping served in 3 oz ball jars. What a delicious fete.

Next was a visit to the animal yard where a cow, several goats, and a rambunctious mule were viewed. Here we received our first peek at the spectacular sunflower fields. Oh, wouldn’t Jennifer Aniston, whose favorite flower is the sunflower, loved this party. And maybe Van Gogh would get another painting out of it.

After our visit to the animals where one brave rooster, (man), showed us around, he drove 25 hens to the even more spectacular sunflowers at the far end of the field. Giggles and laughter continued as more stories were shared on the hayride. These new stories involved grand kids and telling them the Jesus story if they wish to have a return visit to grandma’s. While I wasn’t quite sure what the Jesus story was it enlightened me.

Arriving at the new field we disembarked the wagon and explored the new field which was filled with another explosion of yellow beauty as the sun set. As we shared clippers more socialization occurred with many oohs and aahs exclaiming the flowers beauty.

Time to return to the gazebo and leave. Dismounting the hay filled wagon the donkey continued to run by cavorting and jumping with no one still unable to catch him, even me with a camera..

In a calmer moment.

The end to a delightful evening with many memories, and new stories. This is the second year of the event, and surely this will become an annual event. The Odom’s also have a Corn Maze and Pumpkin Fest which begin 9/21.

Maybe we’ll meet there.

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