Church On-line

Note: While not all like or appreciate Catholics, read on as this is an ecumenical blog. And who knows, something said may provide comfort.

Since there aren’t many Catholic churches in the South attempting to meet the church requirements for weekly mass working 7 pm to 7 am is challenging. In my visit to Duke University I found this resolved as they had an on-line service.

As I turned on the Duke University Catholic mass site a count down appeared. Seeing this as a good sign, (with my limited computer abilities), I waited and songs of a Broadway caliber began followed by a priest walking to the altar.

Father Mark did the service with his gospel addressing our latest American gun violence tragedy. He started by saying this is a sign of the times reflecting on the readings which stated that troubled times have always been, and asking us to trust in God.

He then mentioned each of us need to act. This can be done simply by cultivating kindness and love to overcome the violence which all of us harbor. He challenged us to start with our own hearts, then move to our collective heart. These were powerful words… and as we all know, words can be powerful or hurtful. They have lasting effects.

While this form of church service eliminates the community portion of worship, Father Mark’s words were certainly a blessing, comfort, and thought provoking. I hope you felt that way as well.

Thanks for reading and as always, “It’s Kathleen, and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

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