Ghost Tour in Goldsboro

What better way to spend a full moon night than at a Ghost Tour?.

Our guide for the evening was in full Confederate uniform. While I tried to get a good picture after 20 plus tries I ceased, letting the ghosts get their way.

We started our evening at the Wayne County Historical Museum where chairs move across the floor and telephones ring where there is no phone.

The Monticello

At our next stop, the Monticello, make sure to bring toilet paper to the potty as the ghost in residence is a toilet paper stealer..

The new Wayne County War Memorial

The prior war memorial was destroyed during a mysterious fire. When the fire marshall reviewed the fire photos he saw a firefighter in a place where he knew no firefighter was. Also, no one recognized this firefighter. Many years ago a firefighter was killed on a roof in a similar location to where the current picture showed him……..

This is the Wayne County Court House. Individuals were hung from the tree in front of the court house. A gray mist floats nightly in front of this hanging tree.

On to the Waynesborough House …. In this hotel Union soldiers stayed during their Goldsboro encampment. Residents have been known to see these soldiers in uniform before the hotel lobby fireplace. Other common sightings are cats, dogs, and children running through the hotel halls.

Our guide continued recanting story upon story of ghost sightings throughout Goldsboro. Many of those in their historic homes have come to accept the ghost and even welcome them as a house sitter. One couple left for vacation returning to find their water heater had burst. The ghost had rolled up the carpets and there was little damage. What a hoot!

Our final stop on the ghost tour was Goldsborough Bridge Battlefield on the outskirts of town. As a Yankee among Southerners I was a wee bit scared but ventured forth praying the entire time.

Here in the dead of night we walked through the woods of the battlefield in darkness experiencing the smell of oil burning and shadow people in the trees. Shadow people are spirits which have not crossed and appear as dots of light in the darkness. Our group saw many of these.

As our guide predicted, (who we learned is a Goldsboro police officer and paranormal investigator), electronic devices – watches, cell phones go haywire here as spirits pull energy from the devices.

What an experience.. It is life changing.

Here is the information. Next tour September 6th at 7:45 pm

Ghosts of Goldsborough Tour

Tour is 3 hours long. $15 per person. Wear comfortable shoes. And you even get a Goldsboro t-shirt.

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