Day 2: Durham, NC Philanthropy and Change

Duke family philanthropy to the city of Durham was and is enormous. In their philanthropic requests to local universities they stipulated women’s education be included. And in their donation to the now Duke University they requested buildings mirror those of British universities. Perhaps this architecture can be best seen in the Duke Chapel on the grounds of Duke University.

The family wealth has also diversified into health care with Duke University Hospital System being one of the foremost education systems in the world for physicians. Vast contributions to church endeavors have also been given along with contributions to orphanages.

And while revenues from tobacco have changed their diverse organization has as well. The family also owns Duke Energy which is one of the largest energy companies in the nation as well as other endeavors.

All this said Durham, North Carolina, has successfully rebranded itself. This can be best seen in the downtown area where a beautiful space has been created from former tobacco manufacturing buildings. In this space is theater, restaurants, and businesses. Much greenery and flowers adorn with a stream running through the former manufacturing site.

And what was missing? Of course, a sport stadium.

However, my favorite Durham spot were the gardens at Duke University. See you tomorrow for all those flower enthusiasts.

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