North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA)

Silver Tree Sculpture on walkway to museum.
How graceful.

Visited NCMA and all I can say is WOW! And coming from a New Yorker that is quite a compliment as we have so many fabulous museums in New York City.

This museum run strictly through state funds houses collections in Ancient, American, European, Classical, Judaic, African, and Modern Art. While a good portion of the art is donated many pieces are acquired through state funding. The donation box states it costs $38. for each visitor and the museum is free, so go there for lunch, buy a $20 coffee mug at the museum shop, but donate so this continues into the future. It is a jewel in the world of museums.

Museum Building

Walking from the parking lot one notices a building similar to a plastic box, however once inside the space is breath taking. The lighting, art arrangements, and partitions are sublime. Many patrons were in wheelchairs and walkers. The layout with art on the first floor and spacious hallways affords navigation for all to appreciate the art.

So, now that I’ve gloated over the building, let’s talk of art.. When walking from the parking lot to the museum a Rodin greets you at the crosswalk.

This was a tickle of what was to come. Here is the Rodin Garden.

Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor who lived from 1840-1917. He is considered one of the premier fathers of modern sculpture. Here is my favorite from the collection, The Cathedral, cast in 1908.

From here the journey continued into European and religious works. Madonna and Child to the left with St. Barbara and St. Valentine to the right. St. Barbara and I have a special affinity as I have seen her enormous church outside Prague. She is the Saint known for protection from storms.

Then we have the European collection which was extraordinary.

There was even a Judaic area. Here the Jewish holidays were explained along with impressive Torah coverings exhibited. The Torah is the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible. Each temple prominently displays the Torah. A Tik is the wooden case which holds the Torah.

The sculptures from the early centuries were of excellent quality. A Roman from the late 2nd century was my favorite. Even without an arm he is quite spectacular.

American Art

And of course besides Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth, John Trumbull, Mary Cassatt, and William Merritt Chase, there was modern art. Here are a few I was able to enjoy and appreciate.

The sculpture garden has several gems. There also is a bike path in this area.

And as I was leaving I discovered the African portion of the museum. Also in this building is a 5 minute video of the Audubon birds. Cute and must see. Both children and adults would enjoy this.

The museum also has concerts, movie nights and other happenings. Get on their email list for events, or better yet become a member. Collections rotate. A Frida Kahlo exhibit is coming October 26th. Another must see.

Hope you enjoyed this visit as much as I did and will stop by to see this amazing museum.

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