I’m Annoyed..

Anyone who has ever read my blog knows what a fan I am of Expedia. I should make commercials for them I love them so much. They have gotten me out of more travel scrapes than one can imagine. And those India folks who handle the calls are so patient. They listen and call you back when disconnected. Now, please don’t jinx me. My only wish is that I could afford their stock because at $127. a share it is out of my price range.

Lourdes, France

Recently, I was lured to one of the competitors. When finding me an airfare from Paris to Lourdes they also inquired if I’d be interested in their credit card. This one had no fees so I went for it as this would give $100 off my purchase making the Paris to Lourdes flight dirt cheap. Well, after applying for the card I was told they needed to investigate further. This of course made me loose the $100. off on the flight, however the next day I was accepted for the card.

I also received an email from them the following day giving me 10% off my next booking. I decided to explore Christmas season flights. They said they had $244. flights to Austin but every time I applied a screen came up saying the fare was changed. The flight ended up $130 more with an airline that charges fees for every bag.

Jeanie’s dog Mo, a likeness

What did I do next? Checked Expedia and got a flight on an airline I like leaving from an airport I love. It was $20 more than the competitor but I’m pretty sure the 10% off would never have worked.

Moral of the story: William Shatner is not always right.

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