Bailey’s to Bonanza of Bailey, North Carolina

Bailey’s of Bailey, North Carolina, was listed as having an extensive teapot collection in their restaurant according to the Nash County Tour Guide. However, two months prior to my visit the restaurant was sold. The new restaurant is The Bonanza Grill with all the motif of the Cartwright’s.

Ben, Hoss, Little Joe, and Adam adorn the walls. There are burgers dedicated to them with the Hoss Double Cheeseburger and the Little Joe single.

The restaurant is a family operation of women with mom the owner, grandma the baker, and think the daughter was the waitress. Did I mention grandpa was there having lunch?

Lunch was a fried pork chop with a side of slaw, applesauce, and hush puppies. Never had a fried pork chop. Didn’t know they could cook them that way, however, this is the South and much of the food is fried. It was tasty, with the entire bill $15.00 inclusive of tip and grandma’s baked goods to go. What a bargain.

Back to the real reason for my visit…. teapots. Luckily, the former owner had only sold half the collection. The remaining 2,000 were a delight. Here is a sampling. Enjoy.

Spot of tea anyone?

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