Rocky Mount, N.C.

Began the visit by journeying through the Tar River Trail. City Lake was the first attraction on this trek. Here much water fowl was available to feed on this pristine day of much sun and cool 70 degree temperatures.

The next item on the trek was a carousel, and while the venue closed who can resist taking pics of those horses?

Snaking through the trail was the Rocky Mount Mill Village. These small, well preserved bungalows were once home to mill workers. Residents are fortunate to have the Tar River in their back yard as a lovely wooden walkway is present for strolls along the river.

Around the corner from the now defunct Rocky Mountain Mill was The Battle Park with a confederate cemetery and monument.

The Stonewall, a late Federal architecture home built around 1830 was part of the route.

Then onto Martin Luther Park. Passing firefighters practicing their craft on the way I took a shot. Where would we be without them?

Martin Luther King spoke his “I have a dream..” speech in Rocky Mount.

What a beautiful tribute and likeness. And his words follow.

Let us always remember this great man and what he stood for.

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