Hillsborough, N.C.

Visitor Center

What a beautiful restored community laced in history. Stop at the Visitor Center located inside the historic Alexander Dickinson House for direction then walk the town. With every step you will see a community similar to the 17th to 18th century with its architecture. Even the firehouse is historic. Below are some pictures of the community and government buildings.

The nearby Ayr Mount Historic Site holds a Federal era plantation home which is open for viewing.

Behind the home is a one mile walk known as the “Poet’s Walk.” This free one mile walk also allows dogs on leashes. There are picnic benches on property as well.

Views from a rock in the middle of the stream.

For those bringing little ones to the area the Orange County Historical Museum has interactive exhibits to entertain and enlighten them. They also had an exhibit of toys of the era.

Behind the museum is a historic, well maintained cemetery. The Old Town Cemetery which began in the mid 17th century also has a pamphlet available explaining who is buried in the grounds along with their connection to the community. For those cemetery buffs this is a real find.

Stay tuned as tomorrow we will complete our visit to Hillsborough with a truly fascinating piece of history.

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