Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte was the last leg of my Central North Carolina tour. Arriving on Labor Day was a poor move on my part as much of the City was closed. Aware that the Bible Belt closes on Sunday for church I was a bit surprised holidays were included. My error for not checking before, however making lemons out of lemonade I think I made a fine brew..

The 4th District

This is where several museums, a theater, interesting cemetery, and a Labor Day Parade took place. Historically, the 4th District is where Scots and Irish came to settle in 1768. These pioneers built a Presbyterian Church and later came Settler’s Cemetery.

Here Charlotte’s founding fathers, Revolutionary and Civil War veterans are buried. The graves are arranged in family groups.

Further down from Church Street was the Discovery Science Museum. This place has much fun stuff for kids to do. They also have special exhibits and movies. Great one on Pandas.

Spirit Square is across the street from Discovery Science. This spot in a former synagogue which has some great indie movies, comedians, and open mike nights. Interesting venue to check out if in Charlotte on an overnight.

From here the journey led to Billy Graham, however as I was leaving an interesting fountain caught my eye.

The signs explained the 4th Districts history and mentioned nearby Victorian houses. I hunted them down. Aren’t they beautiful?

If you do go to Charlotte for a visit check out Jen McGivney’s web page, “Free and Cheap Things to do in Charlotte.” She is a local and has some good ideas on what to do and see.

Here are the places I wanted to see but were closed. Locals and those who’ve visited recommended the following:

  • Reed Gold Mine
  • Mint Museum
  • James K. Polk Historical Site
  • Levine Museum of the New South
  • Murals – wish I could have located these
  • And if you love Thai food as I do, Basil Restaurant

Stay tuned for tomorrow…. Nascar Museum. What a fun visit.

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