Nascar Museum in Charlotte

As the bio of the Nascar Museum states this museum is a shrine to the history and heritage of Nascar. Nascar began in the South with moon shiners and bootleggers developing cars to out pace police vehicles.

The actual still of one of the bootleggers.

Illegal booze was an industry in the South which fed the family so it was key to not be caught by police as delivery of product occurred. The faster the car the less likelihood of being caught.

First Cars

From this home town racing began and in 1947 a man named Bill France got folks together to develop an organized and regulated sport. Since cars were racing on Daytona Beach this was the ideal place to start. Later a racetrack was created nearby which developed into a prestigious race, the Daytona Beach 500. All this is covered to in the museum’s introductory movie so make sure to stop and see that first.

Nascar Founders

The museum hours are 10 to 6 with Tuesday their black out day. Admission is from $25 to $49 with the higher admission giving an opportunity to sit in a car and race on video. Parking is available on the street and in garages. All that said, let’s look further at the place.

After the movie the doors open on to an actual track with race cars. Every 3 months the cars are changed. There are 100 Nascar tracks across America and each one has a different incline and turf.

Cockpit safety is key for this industry and has dramatically reduced injuries. A pit stop for cars during the race takes 12 seconds with 4 tires being changed during this time. On each car sponsors are listed and they range from Cheerios, Wranglers, Staples, Lowe’s, 3M, to Oreos. This is an expensive sport built on rivalry and competition, the American way.

The Hall of Fame where the race lives on allows patrons to hear their favorite drivers speak along with a list of their accomplishments. Below is a case of prizes awarded.

The Martinburg track gives a grandfather clock to the winner. Wonder what you’d do if you won the race 7 times? Alot of clocks to gift others with. 🙂

And then there is the clothing…

All in all, a fun visit and a must see for car enthusiasts. And to think how it all started.

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