Everything Greek!

Recently there was a Greek Festival at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. If you have never been to one of these, go. It will be pricey but as they say it is “Priceless,” and your stomach will thank you. Caveat: Wear roomy clothes so you can take it all in. Ha!Ha!

Here were some of the selections:

I chose the full dinner with leg of lamb in a tomato sauce, veggies, rice, and grape leaves. Thank God for take out containers to bring food home. What a delicious feast to continue tomorrow.

Served cafeteria style everything was warm and tasty. The line was long but with quick turnover. Next stop was the wine station where I tested one ounce samples of 7 different Greek wines from the homeland. Delicious, however only can get these in Greece. ? Next trip?

From there it was dancing. All ages of Greeks participate and give quite a show.

Then at the conclusion of a busy day time for a vanilla ice cream sundae with granola, honey and chocolate syrup topping. YUM…

So set your calendar for next year’s fest. You’ll be glad you did.

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