Cell Phone Blues

Bye, Bye Samsung….

My hearty cell phone bit the dust at the Greek Fest. Guess the dancing was too much for her. I noted this predicament while driving from Goldsboro to Raleigh. She wouldn’t charge, or should I say he? Let’s keep it neutral.

At the fest I tried a variety of different cords and several vendors gave me a hand to no avail. Upon completion of my visit I began my drive home with 8% juice remaining or 19 minutes. While this wouldn’t allow Waze to get me home I was hoping for a close proximity. As the phone died I found myself somewhere outside Raleigh. North Carolina is either rural or city, and I was rural.

What does a single woman do in these circumstances? Pull out Randy McNally, and after several trials found my way only adding a half hour to the journey.

This saga brought up many thoughts and most especially how much we depend on technology and what do we do when it fails?

Thank God for maps.

It’s Kathleen.. and hope I’ve given you something to think about..

Buy one…

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