The Drive to Asheville and Noise

The Biltmore. They didn’t have a vacancy so we Air Bnb’d it….

My next few blogs will come from the Asheville, North Carolina area as I am meeting my daughter there. While North Carolina is beautiful, the drive was long and annoying with many towns having 45 mph speed limits.

Stopping at a gas station I was particularly perturbed over a noisy, supped up Ford Mustang which graced the neighboring gas stall. Though I probably shouldn’t have made comment, I did. Even though he could have pulled a gun on me and shot me dead I didn’t care. Working nights and sleeping days in my room which I have dubbed the Cross Bronx Expressway has gotten to me.

Ford Mustang

With this sleep schedule I am frequently woke by revved up motorcycles, cars blaring radios, loud mufflers, and trucks. I was in no mood for this Ford Mustang and gratefully he waited to continue his antics till off the gas station property.

So I remained alive and it brings back the question of noisy vehicles. Why? We hear you, and we notice you. Do you really need to make all this noise? Remember, there may be someone trying to sleep after a night shift. Be considerate.

As I continue to contemplate this issue guys with big pick up trucks came to mind. In my experience and from the chatter of gal pals through the years those boys buy big to compensate for parts small. Question answered.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say… well, you know the drill.

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