Asheville: Day 1

Within 30 minutes of destination a horrific rain storm occurred while driving through the mountains. Though some folks stopped on the shoulder I continued. Once the rain abated a scene of mist from the mountains rose with a pink sky and the harvest moon in the back drop. Asheville certainly has a beautiful pink sky.

Upon arrival and with greetings completed we ventured to the downtown Asheville area. This is a busy spot with much music playing on this, Friday, the 13th. Besides the weekly drumming group in the square there were other musicians playing as folks strolled the streets.

Asheville is a town with many older, well maintained buildings with quirky stores repurposed from older venues. F. W. Woolworth was a collage of many smaller stores with some original artifacts remaining.

Then there are the restaurants and bar venues. We stopped at an Asian tapas restaurant and later heard more music from an eclectic group.

Never had a Friday the 13th quite like this!

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