Things Happen in “3’s”

I am a firm believer that things happen in 3’s. The cell phone died, now the television is requiring a rescan for viewing. I look forward to the third, however will now recant my dilemma with the second.

Problem #1 Cell Phone Death…

For the past several weeks I have been viewing notices of this television rescan. Lamenting this situation yet hoping it will improve the horrific television service in this region of North Carolina I watched the notices daily.

Problem #2 Television Tuning

Finally, the day came when I turned on the tv and had no connection. Having to do something to get the thing to operate I went to u tube as directed by the television station. In order to get the u tube site I had to download a menu bar I didn’t want. In further searches I found more inadequate information given by the television station. Typical.

Then I came across a perky young man who spoke slowly and I was on board. It was completed. This comes with a catch. I now have a woman’s voice every time I turn on or off the tv and change a channel. I have gone through all the menu options to turn her off however am unable.

Having just completed one of the Eckard Tolle books I have decided to surrender. She will be my guide and my friend for the last 2 weeks of my North Carolina stay. I could go for a short term relationship.

It’s Kathleen… and you know the jingle. Keep smiling. Maybe you too can have a short term friend. Surrender.

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