My New I Phone

I am in love. I have purchased a much too expensive I phone which I trust will keep me through the next 3 to 5 years or that is what the salesman told me. It is modern and I feel hip.

While I no longer have a case, I have an ultramodern semi glass covering as protection for the mere cost of $49.95, besides the $399. for the phone. Do the Math. I have a headache considering the cost.

While this was an expense in the long run it was worth it as I received extremely good service. The salesperson mounted everything into the phone and answered questions calmly and politely. I have been back to the store since our initial contact and he continued to help.

I am now as everyone calls it “playing” with the phone. While a foreign concept to me it seems to be working as I have figured things out in my play. Weird. If only I could figure out how to recapture and forward pictures. Stay tuned. Sorry, no pictures today.

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