9 to 5

Went to the community theater production of 9 to 5 at the Paramount Theater in Goldsboro recently. Acting was good with set design creative.

The story line was timeless. One wonders if little has changed with the “Me, Too” Movement, but good to see the boss got his due in the play. šŸ™‚

The orchestra was in fine form and the actress who played Dora Lee had an amazing set of pipes belting out tunes for all to hear.

The gal playing Violet was quite a dancer and has the acting chops. She held the cast together..

Here they are Judy, Dora Lee, and Violet at the elevator.

And kudos go to the actress playing Judy. She stepped into her role 4 days before opening as the actress playing the role became ill. How does one learn lines, dance steps, and songs in that period of time? And did I say she also finalized the playbill and was the assistant director? I’m tired just writing about her duties…

Then there was Franklin Hart, the boss, who was believable, humorous and had good projection with his lines.

Franklin attempting to seduce Dora Lee.

A remake of 9 to 5 is planned with Dolly, Jane, and Lily returning in a repeat performance. In the sequel they will guide a new generation through workplace situations in a really cute, funny way, to paraphrase Dolly from a recent talk show.

Keep an eye out for the sequel.

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