NYC Arrival

Since I had lost 2 precious NYC hours I flew off the bus and located a Chinese restaurant. In Chinatown restaurants are always serving food whatever hour so I quickly found a spot. In this area of Chinatown, near the Manhattan Bridge, I found good food for less money than restaurants farther up Canal Street.

From there I located a massage place as after 11 hours on a bus I became a pretzel. Chinatown massages are wonderful and cost $45 to $50 an hour, plus tip makes it $60 to $65, a true bargain. With massages therapists techniques vary but I’ve never had a bad massage. I have even had one gal actually walk on my back, and I thought this was only in the movies.

After lunch and massage it was time for the afternoon performance of Linda Vista, a new play about a recently divorced male in his 50’s. The play was in previews which means they are working out the kinks and I doubt these kinks will ever be worked out. It was a bomb but you never know so have to give it a try. When the actors went fully nude and were sc—ing like rabbits I knew it was time to call it a day and get out of there.

Leaving the theater I found a perfect day so I walked. This and people watching are two of my favorite things to do while visiting New York. Ending up at Macy’s I decided to check out the shoe department as Amazon had failed in my 3 attempts to find a shoe that fit. Alas, Macy’s was no better but to watch the women go crazy over designer summer shoes for $25. was a hoot.

The 99 cent pizza store was my next stop. Coming prepared with Reynolds Wrap I purchased 5 slices and stashed them in my bag for home. In my eyes this is the best pizza in NYC and there are locations throughout Manhattan. Give them a try.

Back to Chinatown for garlic eggplant with pork at a small restaurant. Friendly and quick service is always a given in Chinatown. Next stop the Chinese bakery for almond cookies, sweet rolls, and other delicacies for home consumption.

And in adjoining Little Italy was the St. Gennaro Festival. This is an eleven day feast in honor of the Patron Saint of Naples, however with all the food you’d think he was the Patron Saint of Pizza.

Church of St. Gennaro

Saint Gennaro was an Italian Bishop who was persecuted for his faith. Though he experienced terrible tortures they had no effect Even when he was thrown in a fire he came out unscathed. When lions were to mall him they stopped in their tracks and would not do him harm. His life was finally ended when he was beheaded.

Money is placed by the statute in the hopes that requests will be granted. Statutes of the Saint along with Saint Anthony are carried through the streets in honor of the feast day.

Keep the September dates open and visit. Be prepared for crowds and much fun and food.

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