Corn Maze

The newspaper article said, “Prepare to be a-mazed.. and possibly lost,” and both claims were true. For the last few years Shawn and Jeff Parks have operated the Hood Swamp Road Corn Maze on the grounds of the Park Farm. What a hoot.

Driving up to the Hood Farm I was greeted by an enthusiastic Jeff Parks who directed me to a parking spot then gifted me with a pumpkin as I was the first customer of the season. After this I paid my $7 admission to Shawn, his wife, and was guided to the maze entrance and told to go left.

The maze was a fun jaunt however my time was limited since I had double booked my evening with a 7 pm Henry Cho Clean Comedy Show at the Parmount in Goldsboro. Since I was lost and it was after 6 I did the unthinkable and broke through the maze stumbling among the corn stalks which provided soft landing to my falls. At last I was in reality only to find my actions caught by Jeff who over sees the maze in a life guard chair.

Once out of the maze I noted the farm also has a slide area which children can enjoy post maze as well as a photo shoot spot where they can plunk their heads in for that magic picture.

For us old folk there also is antique farm equipment for viewing.

Hours for this operation are Friday 5-9 pm, Saturday 2-9 pm, and Sunday 2-6 pm. Adults are $7 with kids free. It runs through the entire month of October. The farm is located on 600 Hood Swamp Road outside Goldsboro. It happens annually. Bring the little ones for a good time.

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