Henry Cho Clean Comedy Show at the Paramount

Another great show at the Paramount and this time for a mere $20. John Ford and Henry Cho performed hilarious comedy for close to two hours. What a great evening.

John Ford, formerly of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, (48 miles from Goldsboro), started the show. This local, southern gentleman lamented his horrific love life, weight concerns, and financial dilemmas. Poor John only attracts women who want him to be his friend or moving man.

One of his clean jokes was about how he get his shirts cleaned in LA. Since it costs $6 at the dry cleaners he donates the dirty shirt to the Salvation Army where they wash it, and he later buys it back for fifty cents. This way the shirt gets cleaned, he saves money, and has a tax donation to boot. Think John is on to something here..

Next up was the headliner, Henry Cho. Henry is American born of Korean descent living in Knoxville, Tennessee. He made several jokes about how he was, “supposed to be smart,” since he was Korean. But since he was born and educated here this wasn’t the case, or so he said.

Henry has been married for over 21 years to a woman from Arab, Alabama, and he spoke so much about it I wondered if there was such a place. Well, there is and it fit as I have a neighbor from Alabama. They are the true southerners. How they ever let a Korean marry their daughter makes me wonder, but they are happy and have three children, the last of the litter he wanted to name Vasectomy.

He did several other jokes about marriage – that it was a job that you clock in and never clock out, and it comes with no benefits or vacation days. It seems like he did get a bit of a reprieve as he admitted the Goldsboro stint was only so he could play golf with a local friend. The wife said go if you can make some money and we were lucky enough to have him for over an hour.

So, thanks John and Henry for stopping by. Really enjoyed the show and hope the golf game went well.

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