Final N.C. Weekend: Raleigh

For my final North Carolina weekend I revisited Raleigh. The next few blogs will discuss things to see and do at the capitol city. There are plenty and mostly free.

Let’s start at the North Carolina Art Museum with their new modern art exhibit.

Material World Exhibit: Recycled Art

This painting was made from recycled posters.

Any idea what this is?
It’s pencil shavings..
The sea in this scene was made from recycled fish hooks.
And this creature is totally covered in buttons.

Any ideas? This piece is made from recycled computer parts.

At the end of this gallery is an intriguing piece of modern art. Kusama, is the highest paid female artist in the world. She is 90 and lives in a mental hospital in Japan. Here she checked herself in and has resided for close to 40 years. There is a Netflix documentary on her life. Gaze into the porthole of The Light of Life…..

Here is a quote from the artist on her work.

“Isn’t this the very illusion of life in our transient world?”

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