Mordecai Historical Park: Slave Play

Noting this sign on my way to the Bluegrass Festival I stopped. As I walked through the Park a staffer informed me the Park was closed. She stated there would be a play in the Park in a few moments and explained. I signed on and paid my $15.

Shortly thereafter theater goers were escorted into a dark room. Cell phones were to be silenced. We closely sat next to each other as a woman explained of our capture. While I didn’t understand what the staffer had said, I did now. I would be following the path of a slave from Africa to their plantation.

Once we left the dark room which was the ship we were brought to a market and sold. The actors portrayed this scene true to life from my readings on this subject. From here we were guided to the plantation where we met the Mistress of the Plantation. She sternly warned us of our duties and how to perform them.

Then we were split from our friends and family. Some cleaned cotton, others split green beans, or swept floors. While I cleaned cotton one of the slave actors approached the plantation owner asking if he could marry a fellow slave. The owner said he would think about it.

After this we attended church listening to a sermon regarding how the plantation owner cares well for all and all should follow his direction. Then the plantation owner stood giving permission for the slaves to marry. Once out of church a marriage occurred outside the plantation house and dancing festivities began.

Word came during the festivities that some would be sold. Much upset came about and an escape began with some following and others retreating back to the plantation.

This glimpse into slave life was something I will never forget. What a profound experience to walk in someone else’s shoes. Perhaps it is a lesson we all can learn from.

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