Quilt Speak

Quilts speak, and they certainly do with a story all their own. These stories were beautifully displayed at the museum. Come and read a few.

This is a pieced quilt made from 11,650 pieces of fabric none larger than a postage stamp. Mamie Dameron made this quilt after finishing her farm chores, and as a project to keep her from thoughts of her husbands 1932 death.

The fabric used in this quilt is chintz which is a printed cotton fabric with a polished look. This was a more expensive fabric to use.

Crazy quilt – These were made of a combination of different fabrics, sometimes fine silks and velvets. The fabric was cut in varied shapes with an overcast stitch to maintain the construction.

Applique is another type of quilting. This is done by adding a design with pieces of cloth to a foundation fabric.

Quilts can also be made as memories or history.

This is a thank you quilt made by Patience White, a slave. Once freed she continued to live with her enslaved family. It was during this time she was taught to read and write. This literacy occurred between 50 and 77 years of age. Patience, what a woman!

And nowdays the rage is quilts made from t-shirts. These can include anything from sports to places of interest visited.*

With over 500 quilts in the collection the exhibit will be changing as it continues. So, bring the kids to see this extraordinary exhibit. Who knows, it may create a new hobby for the family to enjoy together.

*not in exhibit

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