State Farm

No, this isn’t an insurance ad, it was an exit off the highway on the way back from Raleigh to Goldsboro. What a great farmers market, so glad to have stopped.

While I wasn’t after super sod, (my goodness how could I ever fit this in the car for the trip to Florida), I certainly benefited from the many fruits, vegetables, and baked goodies available at this great spot. They should have one of these in every state, if not several.

Open 7 days a week this market offers an assortment of tomatoes, as tasty as those in New Jersey, bags of pecans, different apple varieties, jellies, home baked delicacies, great flowers, and plants. Then there is always the honey, wherever I travel I buy the local honey. In every area the honey has a different taste as well as a medicinal effect for cuts and the like. To date my favorite honey is from Italy, however there are some Florida varieties that give Italy a run for their money, and the N.C. blend was definitely tasty.

Since watermelon juice is my treasured juice of choice, both straight and in red wine, I picked up a new variety of the melon. Once home I blended up a batch and now I’m plagued with trying to find this new deep green creature as it struck my palate with a glow.

Then of course there were the pumpkins…

There are also fish and food vendors beyond the farm stand roofing, however with the 105 degree weather I stayed beneath.

With this I say good bye to this Raleigh journey thanking them for the fun filled weekend.

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