North Carolina 13 Weeks Up.. Good bye Goldsboro

My travel nurse contract has ended in North Carolina. While I liked the hospital and the staff were great, it was time to go. I would have stayed longer however dental concerns precluded my extension.

Watching some of my favorite challenging patients depart for home be it home with family, or group homes has been rewarding. It is always good to see patients improve. These patients are folks who at one time during their stay want to kill you then as they leave request a hug, often apologizing for their behavior and thanking you. This is the nature of psychiatric care.

Living in the Bible Belt has been an experience. I’m told there are 300 churches in Wayne County, and almost everything is closed on Sunday. What goes on in those churches I will never know, or understand. The Bible Belt is the place where the horrific slogan of the 2016 election began. However, life is a mystery and after 63 years of it I realize you can never figure people out.

So, good bye Goldsboro and to my cherished co-workers at Cherry Hospital. The memories of the night shift staff on this unit will stay with me forever. What a great group of dedicated staff and pleasant folk.

And in closing let me have the honor of expressing your city slogan:


and let me say, so do I even at 4 a.m., 🙂

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