Trip Back: Rest Area Countdown

Starting back to Florida at the Kenly, North Carolina exit on I-95 South a rest area sign struck my fancy. What a good way to calculate the trip back with 500 plus miles to destination and rest areas at about every 50 miles. Kenly’s sign became #10 with 9 to follow.

As the journey progressed signs of all varieties graced the road. There were religious phrases, sexy lingerie, divorce lawyers, vasectomy doctors, and of course the run of the mill food and hotel signs. These announcements also came in duplex and high rise. I wondered who could look that high, wouldn’t it give neck strain? And with all these food signs, no wonder Americans are so fat?!

Traffic moved according to speed limit driving through the state with much of I 95 under construction. Cars seemed to top off at 75 mph though the speed limit is 65, however better than Florida where they drive 95 mph in the Orlando area. But then again you have to get to Disney quick..

As I pondered my sign fetish more closely and risked my life taking these pictures, I thought what a great game for kids to get them away from their phones and God forbid, talking to their folks..

Next blog some games I’ve developed.. We’re at rest area #7.

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