Games for the Road

To thwart the, “Are we there yet?” saga here are a few game ideas for the road:

  • Track the exits in each state and number of miles between each exit. For older kids, have them average the distance between each exit.
  • Find the lowest price gas station in each state. Calculate miles per gallon without using the car’s electronic method.
  • How many words can be made out of the letters for each state or city?
  • Tally the number of a certain fast food restaurant signs between exits and in each state.
  • Have a check off of things to find on each truck – one with a certain length, one that has a certain cargo, one with a certain color, or cab. How many Walmart trucks or UPS Trucks are on the journey from start to destination. Yes, mom and dad you may need to play..
  • Develop a check list for a U Haul truck and/or trailer. Have them find one with a car or motorcycle attached or something unique.
  • What state are the cars from? Have them make a listing of each different state license plate cars or trucks are from. Tally the numbers and talk about what the state license plate says and means.
  • How many South of the Border, Burger King, or McDonald’s signs are there from start to destination.
  • Have the kids create their own signs. Have them develop their own gas station, restaurant, farm stand, or lawyer office sign for the road.
  • Have them calculate the cost of the trip, gas mileage, hotel accommodations, food pricing. Let them do a budget. Life skills and how to manage money is the biggest item lacking in education. It is crucial for kids to learn this stuff.
  • Calculate the mileage from start to destination.
  • Different types of signs – which child can come up with the most in their list. Also, which sign is the most original, largest, most colorful. May have to take pictures for this one and have a judging contest at the rest area or in the motel, hotel, air bnb, or at grandma’s that night.
  • Restaurants – how many pizza, steak, fish, restaurants have signs. Keep a listing and tally.

Link the games to money, as that will give incentive and kids their own money to spend on vacation. Give it a try.

I’m up to rest area sign #5 and still thinking.

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