Road Trip Music

As the trip endured I decided to turn on the radio. Actually the car did this by itself as I hit a button on the wheel in error. This jolted me since I still am not familiar with how to turn on the radio with the buttons on the wheel. Soon I moved to the radio’s dash button and was traversing stations. Not a music connoisseur I sought out NPR and classical music stations. This was one of my first encounter using the thing and it was surprisingly easy to do. I madly began flipping through channels as stations weakened hitting button till a new channel appeared.

So many radio stations having all different types of names. In checking further I wondered why United States radio stations all start with a W, K, N, or A. Apparently, in 1912 there was a conference of radiotelegraphs and the United States was assigned these letters. Interesting..

Now, if I could only figure out the window and door buttons work.

Five rest areas to go?. But, who is counting…..

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