Garden Challenge

Woke the following day to explore what was left of the garden. In conversations with a neighbor while away I heard the Florida heat and drought was severe so I anticipated much demise. Shocked to see how much did survive I eagerly pulled out my shears and trimmed the dead to allow regrowth of the remaining plants.

Since the shearing the garden is showing life and a semblance of order. The hibiscus bushes which I never planted are now three bushes strong and the oleander is 4 foot tall. Where those hibiscus came from I will never know, but glad they selected my garden as I welcome them. Perhaps the garden is good to see me back.

Having bought many bulbs at an Aldi’s while away I began research to ensure their survival with hungry squirrels. There are many bare spots in the garden next to the porch so ample space for the bulbs. After their 6 week refrigerator incubation they will be planted in cayenne pepper soil with chicken wire placed over the ground then forks placed upright in the chicken wire, and another layer of soil with globs of Tree Tanglefoot applied to the new soil. Almost sounds like lasagne wouldn’t you say?

And last but not least the final additions…

I’ve recently hung out a for rent sign and looking for occupants.

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