RV and Greek Fest: St. A.

Interesting combination wouldn’t you say?

We’ll start with the Recreation Vehicle Fair at the Clay County Fair Grounds then move on to some yummy food made by the St. Augustine Greek folks. It’s a bit of a tie for delicious food between the Raleigh, N.C. Greeks and the St. Augustine Greeks, however the Florida Greeks win out with pricing. Keep reading.

Recreational Vehicles came in all shapes and sizes at the show with monsters such as this one which you drive ranging from $130 to $260,000.

Then there were the small trailers which can be pulled or minivans with studio apartments inside. Amazing all the housing variations available in these vehicles.

The interiors hid many ways to add sleeping space with bunks over the drivers seat, under bedding, over closets, and all furniture reclined to accommodate even more sleeping space.

While most of the furniture was dark leather to entice the female population kitchen cabinets were available in cherry, gray, and white with lighting fixtures attractive and unique.

Add-ons included a pull out deck, space for outside televisions, and awnings. The third shot is a spacious storage hull.

So much has changed with this industry. Many of the folks viewing were considering purchase as a home and signs with monthly pricing were attached to most every vehicle. With Florida hurricanes it certainly isn’t a bad idea to take your home with you when the winds start or have a second spot when your home is destroyed. Now, onto the Greeks…

What a perfect weather day for this festival. With tasty gyros, delicious baked goods, and great music, God must have been smiling on the Greeks!

Then there was the wine.. If only it was sold closer to St. Augustine.

And the vendors..

What a nice day to return to. Can’t wait till the 2020 Festival.

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