St. Augustine Wild Reserve

And wild it was walking through caged lions, tigers, bears, coyotes, and the like. Our wonderful guide gave a 2 hour tour expounding on the intricacies of each creature viewed and how this valuable rescue center worked with and housed these animals.

Pictures were not allowed however they sell a thumb drive for those interested. I forgot to pick one up post tour as the Florida rains persisted. Bring a raincoat just in case, and if not they sell ponchos.

All folks except the founder are volunteers and what a dedicated group they are. Many develop alliances to the animals for years. Animals can arrive because of 3 different circumstances:

  • Over breeding
  • Seizures from animal rescue
  • Retirement from such venues as movies, several were failed actors.

There is no breeding at the preserve and animals stay till their final hours. Every tour is done as a feeding tour and the animals are fed according to their body weight and health needs. And they receive vitamins to boot!

No wonder it is the most popular place in St. Augustine to tour, but call for times and reservations. I found out about the place while exploring Groupon for things to do in St. Augustine and was glad I did. Children on the tour were fascinated. What a great family event.

And.. if you are so inclined they always need the following:

  • Bird seed
  • Bleach, dish liquid
  • Bubble Bath
  • Extra large trash bags
  • Rain ponchos
  • Bread
  • Blueberry muffins, unsalted nuts

Deborah Warrick – hat’s off to you. Reserve foundress and biologist.

The St. Augustine Wild Reserve

PO Box 3546 St. Augustine, Fl 32085


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