Fess Up

For those 43 folks who follow me on an irregular basis I need to fess up! The next several months my schedule will be erratic so I have pulled blogs from 2017 to the present to entertain and amuse. Hope you’ll get a laugh.

One of my adventures during this time is the Rhine European Cruise. This is the topper of my bucket list and much anticipated.

So from now till 12/2 there will be no off kilter pictures with shadows for your viewing pleasure, only words. Tomorrow starts with the first blog which explains my life situation. Actually I was told by a psychic to do this blogging thing. It certainly has given me something to do and learn. Thanks, Laura.

See you again December 3rd in real blog time.

And one last thing… Jeanie if you are reading Happy 37th birthday. x0x0x0…

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